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Oak Oath Obadiah Obadiah, Book of
Obal Obed Obed-Edom Obeisance
Obil Oboth Oded Offence
Offering Og Ohad Ohel
Oil Oil-tree Ointment Old gate
Olive Olive-tree Olves, Mount of Olympas
Omar Omega Omer Omri
On Onan Onesimus Onesiphorus
Onion Ono Onycha Onyx
Open place Ophel Ophir Ophni
Ophrah Oracle Oreb Oreb, The rock of
Oren Organ Orion Ornan
Orpah Orphans Osprey Ossifrage
Ostrich Othni Othniel Ouches
Oven Owl Ox Ox goad
Ozem Ozias Ozni  

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