Word, The

Word, The - From the Greek: logos. "Logos" signifies the outward form of inward thought or reason, or the spoken word as illustrative of thought, wisdom and doctrine. In the very beginning of God's creation, God's purpose, wisdom or revelation was proclaimed through His spoken and revealed word. God's purpose and plan from the beginning involved the revelation of a Savior, which would later be known in the figure of an anointed one (Greek: christos). It was this plan ("logos") which was with God in the beginning, which was also revealed through the Old Testament prophets, but was more fully revealed at the birth of Jesus, his anointing and the preaching of the Gospel about him.

After Jesus' death and resurrection, "The Word" became one of Jesus' titles, used only in the writings of John (John 1:1-14; 1 John 1:1; Rev. 19:13).

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